Additional Teacher Resources 

These resources provide additional support  for EarSketch in your classroom and provide access to more computer science resources to continue your students' journey into coding. 

CAPACiTY has created and piloted a new curriculum for the Georgia high school Introduction to Digital Technology (IDT) course, which is the first course in the IT pathway within Georgia‚Äôs Career and Technical Education program.  CAPaCITY teaches the programming unit in IDT using block programming (Python) in EarSketch.   If your students are taking IDT or have difficulty with text programming, you can request the capacity curriculum to use blocks. 

Watch these videos to introduce your students to a computer science student at Georgia Tech.   Each video is 3-4 minutes and includes a diverse group of students explaining their path to studying Computer Science at Georgia Tech...and their path forward studying Computer Science once they arrived at Georgia Tech.  Click the link and scroll down to the bottom of the page.