Celebrity Remix Challenge
 How To Enter



Follow these directions below to get started:

  1. Go to earsketch.gatech.edu

  2. Make a new account and create a username and password

  3. Add a Title to Your Script that includes “VKW” (for Virtual                                        Kid's Week) and the name of your submission Category                                      (Chill Vibes, Workout Beats, or Big Hits)

  4. Code your music script .  Watch the video above and click here for step by step directions.

  5. Select "Share" from the Script Menu

  6. Share on "SoundCloud" tab

  7. Click "Upload"

  8. Pop Up window prompts for SoundCloud login

  9. Submit the final song submissions in a survey here by 11:59 PM on Friday, August 7th, 2020.  This survey will help us identify winners and learn more about young coders. Survey responses will only be shared with Amazon. Survey responses will only be shared with Amazon.

Parents of winners will be notified via their Amazon email address during the first week of August! No purchase necessary.

                 See all Submitted Songs here!

Use Georgia Tech's video and curriculum to help your code.

From How-to-Videos and read-able lessons guides, you

can teach yourself how to code the next big hit!

            Check out our awesome video tutorials

          Getting started with fitMedia and setEffect (text)

          setEffects with Envelopes - Fades (text)

          makeBeat and strings (text)

          Looping (text)


   Interested in live help?  Click here to sign up for "office hours"

This past Spring we ran a Remix Competition with                                              students across the United States. Click below to see our                                        grand prize winners' songs, their story, and their code.


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