Getting Started with the EarSketch Competition 

We are very excited for your participation in the Celebrity Song Remix .  As you plan to engage your students in these challenges, we wanted to provide you a few ways to get started. 

  • Decide how long you would like to spend working on the competition submission.  If you are not doing this as part of the EarSketch programming curriculum in your CSP classes,  you may choose a one day or three day option.  Both of these options are located in the curriculum panel on the EarSketch website.  The three day curriculum is recommended and specific to this competition. 

  • Navigate the EarSketch workspace

    • Find  sound browser and Ciara stems​

    • Play around in the code editor and run a script

    • Toggle into blocks mode and see if text or block programming works                                            best with your class

  • Have every student create an account.  Students can work on their account on any computer with internet.  Once logged into their account, all of the students' work is saved. 

  • Have fun!  Encourage every student to participate and submit their song.   There will be 100 winners, so we are encourage every student to submit.   Songs will be judged on both music and code, so everyone has an opportunity to win.