It's the Final Countdown 


Competition Submissions are due tomorrow (Wednesday, January 22nd) at 11:59pm PST.  



A couple of important items as we prepare for the deadline....


1. There is still time to code, compose, and submit!  EarSketch is easy to learn and students can code in block or text.  It is free and can be used on any computer that has internet.  Once, students create an account, they can work on their song  at home or school (their code is autosaved).  If you introduce it in class today, by tonight they could have an award winning song. Students can code in JavaScript or Python in blocks or text.....all is possible in EarSketch.  


Here are links to get students started quickly: 

           Hour of Code:

          Competition Modules:

          Contest rules and Prizes:


2.   If your students are ready to submit, please have them review the submission guidelines -- all songs should be between 30 seconds and 3 minutes and must include at least audio clip from Ciara.   All scripts must run (play music) in order to be judged, so it is important that students do a test run prior to submitting.  If the students code does not play music, they will see an error message in red in the console (just below the code editor).  Students should debug the error before submitting. 


3.  Please review the "How to Submit Your Script" guide:

 Students can submit their script from the EarSketch site using the submit to competition link or from the main competition page by pasting their script URL.  *IF STUDENTS SUBMIT FROM THE COMPETITION PAGE- THEY NEED TO PASTE THE SCRIPT URL-- NOT THE URL IN THE ADDRESS BAR!


4.  The competition deadline is January 22nd, 11:59pm PST.   We will be offering online technical support through 9:00pm PST (midnight EST) and will then follow up with any issues the following morning.  If your students have any trouble submitting and/or loading their script on their EarSketch site-- they should email: and describe their issue or problem. 


We looking forward to some amazing entries!!  Amazon Future Engineer, Ciara, and the EarSketch team can't wait to listen to your students' songs.   Thank you so much for participating!