Getting Started with the Celebrity Song Remix  

We are very excited for your participation in the Celebrity Song Remix .  As you plan to engage your students in these challenges, we wanted to provide you a few ways to get started. 

  • Make sure students are able to access the  website.  You may need to ask your technology department to whitelist the site.  Have every student create an account on EarSketch.  Students can work on their account on any computer with internet.  Once logged into their account, all of the students' work is saved. 

  • Students will also need to create an account on SoundCloud (Music Sharing Site) to compete in the competition.

  • Challenges will be released weekly.  If your students have not used EarSketch before, you may want to give them sometime to explore the curriculum by starting with Unit 1,  They can also get started by reviewing the Hour of Code curriculum. After they have sometime to explore the interface, they can begin to engage in the specific weekly challenges.  If your students have EarSketch experience, they can jump right into the weekly challenges and review the EarSketch chapter(s) identified in the challenges.  

  • Navigate the EarSketch workspace (this could be done in a synchronous online meeting with your students)

    • Find  sound browser and Ciara/Common stems​  (you can do a search)

    • Play around in the code editor and run a script

    • Toggle into blocks mode and see if text or block programming works                                            best with your class

  • Have fun!  Encourage every student to participate and enter the challenges.   Songs will be judged by number of plays--- so everyone has a chance to win.