Module 1: Remixing in EarSketch

This  50 minute module will introduce students to the EarSketch Platform and provides an understanding of what it means to create a “remix” song using the EarSketch Platform.   


By the end of the first module, students should be able to navigate the EarSketch workspace, use basic functions to play sound clips in their songs, and learning some of the basic blocks of programming: numbers, constants, and variables. 


  • Engage Students in coding in EarSketch

  • Explore connections between music technology and programming

  • Navigate the EarSketch Digital Audio Workspace

  • Edit basic code with EarSketch specific function such as fitMedia and setTempo

  • Learn three of the building blocks of a basic program: constants, numbers, and variables


CSP Standards


Essential Knowledge 

Key Terms

 Application Programming Interface 












Lesson Flow


  • Review the Workspace

  • Have students register for an EarSketch Account 

  • Download Teacher Guide

Explore (39.1 and 39.2)

Students import a sample remix script and and explore the EarSketch DAW

Explore (39.4, 39.5)

  • Students experiment with changing the tempo in their sample code

  • Students explore the fitMedia function

Elaborate (39.7)

Students learn about variables and apply their knowledge to create more efficient code. 

Engage (39.1)

Students are introduced to EarSketch Workspace and competition 

Explain (39.3)


Students learn the purpose behind commenting and documenting their code

Explain (39.6)

Students learn how to add sound clips to their script

Evaluate (39.7)

Students edit their sample script to "remix" their song applying their new knowledge of EarSketch