Module 3:  The Making of a Song

This  50 minute module will introduce students to transitioning their sample script into a song.  They will learn how to use Custom Functions to extend the length of their song without adding repetitive code.  This module will also teach students some basic music theory and song structure.   Students will judged in the challenges in both the creativity and composition of their music and code, so it is important they design with musical structure in mind. 


By the end of the third module, students should understand the structure of a basic song (using "Set" as an example), write their own Custom Functions to create more efficient code, and add cool effects to their song using the function setEffect().


  • Identify sections of a song and differentiate between the chorus, verses and transitions in a song. 

  • Compose a song using the common A-B-A song form using contrast between sections. 

  • Understand how custom functions make a more efficient code by comparing examples of code with and without functions.

  • Create sections of the song using functions.  Learn how to code each function so it plays each sound clip for the desired measures. 

  •  Add special sound effects (volume, distortion, delays, fades) into the song to integrate additional variation

  • Learn additional tools in EarSketch to create music that is dynamic and interactive with the listener. 

  • Review and debug their code to prepare their song for final submission.  


CSP Standards

AP CSP Essential Knowledge