Celebrity Remix Weekly Challenge 

Week Two Challenge: Remix for Mood

-Using effects, pitch, and tempo

(Post to SoundCloud by Sunday, April 12th at 11:59pm PST)



Think about your favorite song --- what do the first 20 or 30 seconds tell you about the song?  Does it set the tone or mood for you?  We are going to use effects in EarSketch along with techniques in tempo and pitch to use Common’s stems to compose an introduction for a song.

Getting Started 

1.Register at https://www.amazonfutureengineer.com/earsketch

2.Create an account on SoundCloud.  This will allow you to share                                    your music for a chance to win prizes.   

3. Go to EarSketch 

EarSketch Curriculum 


1.3 Exploring the EarSketch Workspace

1.9 Creating a Script

1.10 Composing in EarSketch

4.1 Effects in EarSketch

5. Effects and Envelopes

6. Tempo and Pitch

Week 1 Video: https://youtu.be/zIBzF5EiOPw


Sharing on SoundCloud 

To enter your song in the challenge, you will share

your EarSketch Song to SoundCloud. Follow these

directions below to share:

1. Select "Share" from the Script Menu

2. Share on "SoundCloud" tab

3. Click "Upload"

4. Popup window prompts for SoundCloud login


Share on Social Media 

Share your song to other social media to get more plays for the opportunity to win.  On the SoundCloud page for your song, use the icons for social media or paste the link to your track to any other social media



We will award Amazon Gift cards to the songs that receive the most amount of plays and fills the challenge requirements.  We will award prizes one week after the submission deadline. You will receive an email from escomp@gatech.edu if you have been selected as a winner.

  • The intro remix must be a minimum of 20 seconds but less than 40 seconds

  • It must include at least one stem from Common’s “God is Love” song.

  • You must use an effect with an envelope or multiple effects to create a “mood” to your introduction.