Celebrity Remix Weekly Challenge 

Week Four Challenge

Remix at Home:  Uploading Sounds from your Community

(Post to SoundCloud by Monday, April 27th at 12:00pm PST, but you can continue

to share your song to earn plays through Wednesday, April 29nd at 11:00am PST.)

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Getting Started 

1.Register at https://www.amazonfutureengineer.com/earsketch

2.Create an account on SoundCloud.  This will allow you to share  your music for a chance to win prizes.   

3. Go to EarSketch 

EarSketch Curriculum 


1.3 Exploring the EarSketch Workspace

1.9 Creating a Script

1.10 Composing in EarSketch

10.1 Recording and Uploading Sounds


Sharing on SoundCloud 

To enter your song in the challenge, you will share

your EarSketch Song to SoundCloud. Follow these

directions below to share:

1. Select "Share" from the Script Menu

2. Share on "SoundCloud" tab

3. Click "Upload"

4. Popup window prompts for SoundCloud login


Share on Social Media 

Share your song to other social media to get more plays for the opportunity to win.  On the SoundCloud page for your song, use the icons for social media or paste the link to your track to any other social media



We will award Amazon Gift cards to the songs that receive the most amount of plays and fills the challenge requirements.  We will award prizes one week after the submission deadline. You will receive an email from escomp@gatech.edu if you have been selected as a winner.

This week we are challenging you to create a remix with some of your own sounds.   How can you add a personal touch to your music?   Record some sounds around your home and remix them with Common and Ciara audio clips to create a song that reflects your life now.  It could be the chime of entering another online class, the silence on a usually busy road, or the noise of all of your siblings at home together.  Include one or multiple new sounds into your song. Use functions such as fitMedia(), setEffect() , and makeBeat () to remix the sounds.

  • The remix must be a minimum of 20 seconds but less than 2 minutes

  • It must include at least one stem from Common or Ciara

  • It must include one uploaded sound (recorded) remixed into the song

  • You should use other functions such as fitMedia (), setEffect () or makeBeat to compose your song.