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COMING SOON: Results for the 2022 Your Voice is Power Competition with Amazon Future Engineer and EarSketch

Check out the results of this competition to remix beats from Pharrell while learning to code!

Are you teaching remotely or in a socially-distanced classroom?

EarSketch only requires a computer and internet access. Additionally, our curriculum is easy to adapt for learning, remotely or in the classroom! 


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Decorative Yellow Dots
Decorative Yellow Dots
Amy Wozniak

"In my class we would hold 'show and tell' days so that students could show off their work and vote on which student had created the best song. It was great to see the pride for their work on these days. Even though we're months from having done EarSketch in the classroom, I still have students asking me to play their songs in class!"

Amy Wozniak   Educator 

Lane Tech College Prep High School  Chicago, IL

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