How do I create a Teacher Account? 

How can I reset my (or my student's) password on the EarSketch Platform?

Can I change my EarSketch username?

EarSketch Platform

What browser(s) supports EarSketch?

Is EarSketch accessible on tablets or other mobile devices?

EarSketch has been attempting to load for an unusually long amount of time. How can I get EarSketch to load faster?

I refreshed my browser, but I am still unable to load EarSketch.

EarSketch is giving me an error code I am unfamiliar with. Where can I locate additional help?

How do I save music in EarSketch?

Can two students work simultaneously on the same script but on different devices?

Can I change the tempo of one part of my song?

Where can I find your privacy policy?

Do you make privacy agreements with school districts?

Amazon Future Engineer Competition

Who can enter the competition?

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