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EarSketch & EarSketch Teachers

Produced by Troy Robinson, Monet Fort, et al., Georgia Tech Institute of Technology

EarSketch is a free web-based platform to help students of all ages learn core topics in computer science, music, and music technology in a fun and engaging learning environment. EarSketch helps students learn to code in Python or JavaScript through manipulating loops, composing beats, remixing sounds, and applying effects to a multi-track digital audio workstation. 

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The EarSketch Teachers site holds a repository of free resources to enhance the experience of teaching with EarSketch. EarSketch Teachers includes video tutorials, Professional Development opportunities, and competition resources. The site also provides a variety of modular curriculum designed and developed by teachers and in collaboration with third party resources for use within computer science classrooms. Our course and curriculum resources include access to lesson plans, slides, projects, assessments, and other teaching materials, organized by intended audience and course duration. Check out our open access courses and register to access our exclusive EarSketch teachers curriculum. 


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