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Need some additional support before you start or while you are teaching with EarSketch? Check out our EarSketch Video Tutorials or attend our workshops and events!

EarSketch Tutorials

Check out our EarSketch Tutorials created for teachers as part of previous Professional Development from our 2020 CSTA Hackathon and Celebrity Song Remix Instructional Videos.

EarSketch Recordings

Missed a teacher training? 

Workshops and Events

Check out our workshops and events to learn with the EarSketch and CS community. Click on the event to read the workshop or event details.

Join the EarSketch Teacher Community

There are many ways to join the EarSketch Teacher Community, including registering as an EarSketch Teacher, following us on social media, and joining the EarSketch Teachers Facebook Group.

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Follow EarSketch

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Join the EarSketch Teacher FB Group

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