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EarSketch Teachers offers complete curriculum and access to teacher materials and resources respective to its intended audience, duration, and goals. 

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Computer Science Principles (Regular and AP)

Edhesive: Introduction to Computer Science

Hour of Code

CAPACITY: Culturally Authentic Practice to Advance Computational Thinking in Youth

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Computer Science Principles (Regular and AP)

Closely aligned to Computer Science Principles regular and AP courses, this curriculum is divided into three units: Fundamentals, Abstractions, and Structures.

  • Audience: Students in Computer Science Principles or AP Computer Science Principles, Grade Levels 8-12

  • Duration: 8-10 weeks

Hour of Code

Intended as a lightweight introduction, learn the basics of coding with EarSketch and compose a short song.

  • Audience: Middle School and High School students, Grade Levels 6-12

  • Duration: 1 hour

CAPACITY: Culturally Authentic Practice to Advance Computational Thinking in Youth

Engage in authentic and culturally relevant problem-based, inquiry learning (PBIL) projects in STEM topics through the development of computational thinking skills.

  • Audience: Students in an introductory CTAE computer science course (ie. Introduction to Digital Technology), Separate curriculum for Grade Levels 6-8 and 9-10

  • Duration: Year-long curriculum consisting of four units that can be taught independently

*Capacity's curriculum requires permission to access through Georgia Tech's free registration process.

Edhesive: Introduction to Computer Science

In collaboration with Edhesive, this course teaches the foundations of computer science and basic programming.

  • Audience: Students in an introductory computer science course, Grade Levels 9-12

  • Duration: Semester or year-long option

Additional Courses and Resources

Introduction to Programming with Python and EarSketch with Georgia Gwinnett College

In collaboration with Georgia Gwinnett College and Georgia Institute of Technology, this book and resource covers computer science fundamentals using Python and EarSketch.

  • Audience: Students in dual credit courses or post-secondary students

  • Duration: One semester

Python MC: Introduction to Computer Programming

This curriculum, created by Google and Rapport Studios, focuses on learning and applying basic programming concepts using Python and EarSketch.

  • Audience: Middle School and High School Students with basic computer programming knowledge from elementary school, Ages 12-18

  • Duration: 8 weeks

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